Season 2005 - 2006
Just before the end of the 2004-5 season, with Notts lanquishing in the lower reaches of 'League 2' (or the fourth division in real terms), the board tried to get the fans on side once more by giving them a chance to vote on the new kit. Having prepared their excuses early the previous season (with talk of the V striped kit being traditional) there was some tacit support for the belief that perhaps the Pies coud really only achieve in conventional black and white stripes. Errea (in the second year of their deal) were comissioned to come up with three kits involving that style and they were all offered, for one day only, for the approval of the fans. The 16th April 2005 was a home fixture against Grimsby and three shirts were shown off,first in the club shop (with an accompanying ballot box) and later (and rather more enjoyably) by being paraded at half time around the ground by 'Hooters' waitresses. The votes being cast, the resultant winner(shirt B) was adopted - a runaway success with nearly half the overall total. On the face of it, this may be suprising given the other two kits were perhaps more traditional but B, with its emphasis on white, was very reminiscent of the glory days of the 1980's. All three had a European style that was rather appealing. If we couldn't play like Juve, there was no reason not to look like them....

Shirt A - a bit like the 140th but made properly
Shirt B - the most popular
Shirt C - one for the oldies, nice collar !
the kits were displayed in the shop....
...and slightly more appealingly at half time
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