..or 'what's that supposed to be ?'
Clubs have been changing badges for yonks - casually adding a castle, a football or even a bird, here and there. For Notts, of course, the changes have been even more extreme. Every new owner that's come in (and lets face it, there have been a few of those lately), has wanted to change something about the badge, to denote the start of the good times...again. We can't do them ALL but there's been four during the period this site covers...let's have a look.
Another new badge - commencing use at the beginning of the 2010-11 season as Notts return to division 1. Popular as the previous one was, being associated with promotion, it had to go (for reason, see below).The new badge was designed after a range had been displayed on a popular but unnofficial messageboard frequented by Notts new owner, Ray Trew.
A short-lived design - it lasted just one season albeit the one that Notts won the division 2 title - 2009-10. Introduced by Munto Finance when they bought the club in the summer of 2009, it aroused comment because, although it was welcomed, no one knew what the logo in the middle was all about. Many ideas were suggested - some by Munto themselves allegedly. A popular one was that it represented Robin Hood drawing a bow....oh come on, do you think we're stupid ? The game was up, however, when some enterprising soul saw the logo of a holding company who would have been bankrolling the whole County project if anyone had actually been putting cash in ....

A slight variance on the original deisgn, this badge was introduced at the start of the 2004-5 season. The black and white stripes disappeared and the image became much simpler. The reason for it ? You've guessed it... the club, struggling for funds as ever, needed to cut costs in the production of their merchandising. If you know about shirts, you'll know the embroidery is the lions share of the cost so the simpler design, the cheaper the overall unit cost. It's all about money !
The original badge we had at the start of the millennium - and this site, but even this one hasn't had a massive history .Real diehard fans will remember, with fondness, the two pies and even, before that, the one on its own (shown at the top)