Season 2002 - 3
This season, like the season before, ended up with a relegation battle. Billy Dearden was the manager throughout and it was a season in which a lot was expected after an amazing end to the 'Great Escape' season previously but it wasn't to be. The shirts though, celebrated a landmark in the club history (albeit a minor one) -the140th year birthday of the world's oldest league club. This however, was not uppermost in their thoughts as the season commenced. By the time they were put into administration on the 17th June 2002 they were in debt of £6 million - not much for a Premiership side perhaps ( hardly enough to pay Abramovich's restaurant bill) but for Notts it was a big debt. What didn't help the club was when they lost a big deal that they had relied on with Aaron Scargill Estate Agents - not only were they selling sponsorship of the shirt but of the stadium name as well, a highly controversial move. Had the deal gone through, the players would have been wearing a shirt which had a red logo on it as this was the colour of  the sponsors brand. A lucky escape then perhaps !.
Home shirt
The home shirt was the usual black and white with a hint of yellow piping down the shirt. The sleeves were totally black and the back was completely white (looking very nice with numbers on). Many said the quality of the shirt was not what it had been in previous seasons but with the club in administration it was down to what was most affordable. For the same reason the players also had only one of each shirt and weren't allowed to take either home or away at the end of the season. The reason for this was that the Administrator realised there was money to be made from them and this was much needed by the club.
The shirt started out with no sponsorship but once a deal with Paragon was struck ,just after the beginning of the new season, the logo was ironed on. Again because of lack of funds shirts couldn't be replaced !  This is evident in the pre-season shots of the players who are seen wearing completely plain shirts. The design, unadorned by the yellow Paragon logo, was also sold in replica form - these being available in the club shop from the moment the last league game of the previous season ended. This first set also bore the name of 'Uhlsport' above the 140th motiff. This turned out to be an error and later shirts made after this didn't have this on them. Fans have made the Uhlsport, plain replica issue a very much sought after item.
This shirt is Richo's and as you can see it sports the 140th anniversary motiff as well as the 'uhlsport' name common on the early issue with an iron on logo added later
The back of the shirt - plain white.You can also see the plastic 'Nationwide' epaulettes
Away shirt
This away shirt was produced for the players with two different Paragon logos on. The most popular was the yellow iron-on, identical to the ones provided for the home shirts and this was sold on all of the replicas. The second was and embroided black lettering,only ever seen on player shirts. These shirts also sported the '140th Aniversary' printing on them. The shirt was amber in colour and had white panels along with black piping. The players away shirts were sold in the club shop but the different design makes them unique.  
A closer view of that lovely exclusive logo. The badges on both players and replicas were uniformely poor and typically represented the state of the club at the time.

The away shirt has white panelling which match the shorts and the embroided black logo identifies it enclusively as player worn
The Squad 2002-3

1.            Steve Mildenhall
2.            Nick Fenton
3.            Ian Baraclough
5.        Danny Bostock
6.            Ian Richardson
7.            Marcel Cas
9.            Mark Stallard
10.          Danny Allsopp
11.          Kevin Nicholson
12.          Stuart Garden
13.          Richard Liburd
14.          Paul Bolland
15.          Michael Brough
17.          Richard Holmes
18.          Simon Ramsden
19.          Saul Deeney
21.          Paul Heffernan
23.      Shane McFaul
24.          Darren Caskey
25.          Shaun Harrad
26.          Tony Hackworth
27.          Craig Ireland
28.          Danny Stone
30.      Paul Riley
55.      David Bayliss

Not a fat lot of difference between the player-worn (above) and this replica apart from the logo
The international summer tournament at the Lane